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Military Odyssey 2004

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This year for the Military Odyssey show in Detling near Maidstone, we joined up again with the guys from A Company and their house display. We were there from Thursday to Monday, and the house was put up on Friday by Dave Batten, Simon Lewis and Tom Gow from C Company and from A Company Dave Butler, Simon Howland, Glenn Warren and Les (you'll have to let me know your surname!) and finally Les Hearn. Danny Butler, the CO of A Company, arrived on Friday evening with Mike Carr and the rest of the group for the weekend.

A few of us putting up the house on Friday morning Another pole going up The roof going up. This was the heaviest part by far!
Sgt. Batten attending to a wounded Pvt. Lewis From L to R: Pvt. Hackley, Sgt. Batten, Pvt. [unknown], Pvt. Lewis and Pvt. Gow
We decided to stage an attack on the house, here are the photos from it. 29ers get ready to move in German prisoners are removed
Pvt. Hackley keeps them on close guard with his pistol Sgt. Batten replaces the swastika with the American flag
Above: General photos of the event

Waiting in line for breakfast. It doesn't look like Major Butler likes the food too much! Another shot of the chow line
Above: 'The Chow Line'. Waiting for breakfast on Monday morning.