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Normandy Tour, D-day 2005

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A very special thanks first of all to Jeremy, from the 514th QM Regiment, who decided to come with us at the last minute and bring his GMC truck with him! It made our trip truly special this year. Cheers Jem! Also a thanks to Pvt. George Fowler for taking his vehicle over and ferrying us from here to there on several occasions.

Our trip this year ran from the 1st June - 10th June. Hopefully we'll be able to do these dates every year, we've managed it twice in a row so far.

We had our friend Brad Eatman from Canada join us again for this trip just as he did last year. You're always welcome Brad. Not to mention Roy, our resident comedian (debatable). It was nowhere near as busy as it was last year which was nice in many ways, and the atmosphere was still as incredible. The 29th intend to go to Normandy every year and I for one am already looking forward to the next!

Getting there...
On arrival in Le Havre, we had to drive to our campsite in Etreham (Nr. Bayeux).

Are we lost? Of course not! Of course we have to stop off on the way for, erm, refreshments Nice little cafe we found on the way. Pvt Fowler are you staring?
Seriously, are you feeling OK Pvt. Fowler? Jeremy fills her up with water before we set off again

Camp site arrival...
It took a while but we finally arive and sort outselves out. Meal times were always interesting as you can see.

Tired and confused by the looks of it Brad is forced to try the special sauce Our campsite
Pvt. Fowler, Jem and Roy

Out and about...
Sightseeing around Normandy with the 29th

Overlooking Omaha beach Another shot showing the bluffs at Omaha, at the Vierville draw Waiting in Port-En-Bessin
Having a look around Port-En-Bessin Looking up to the bluffs Another shot of the bluffs. You can see a pillbox here
The town itself Another shot of the town Stirling Hart at Pegasus Bridge
Having a look around Utah beach on evening A few 29ers walking the shoreline Has Cpl. Lewis found something?
Stirling Hart contemplates the meaning of life, amongst other things Pointe Du Hoc Another shot of t'Pointe, as you can see it was a very steep climb
What's everybody looking at? Mike Parker is down here! Fireworks over St. Mere, like More fireworks Visiting the U.S cemetary. A very moving moment. Another photo of the cemetary visit

D-day, June 6th 2005
The most important day of our trip and what we came here to do. Like last year, we appeared on the beach at 6am on D-day morning to pay our respects.

The 29th and 514th at Omaha beach, D-day morning, 6am Cold and wet, and the day hasn't even begun We move into the water
Running towards the shore Another photo of the landing re-enactment Two 29ers come ashore
Another shot, this time from Simon Lewis, coming ashore Just us 5 29ers on the beach Standing next to a large 29th monument

Later that day...
We paraded for veterans of the 1st, 29th and 2nd Ranger divisions. A special thanks to Patrick LeFevre and his group for asking us to participate with them.

Preparing to move to the monument for le veteran French 2nd Ranger re-enactors portraying honour guard Parading for the veterans
The veterans at the 29th Division monument Veterans at the 1st Division plaque

Going home...

It's only a shame this fantastic 10 day trip had to come to an end at some point. But getting home is never that easy!

Uh oh...! After struggling to get up a very big hill, we stop to make sure she doesn't overheat Cooling down slowly, whilst Jeremy's temperature begins to rise
Can you see anything Si? I scratched my sunglasses! WHINE WHINE WHINE There was no room for Simon to sleep in the tent, so he chose the next best place

The outtakes...
Some photos they would have like me to delete - sorry guys!

Jeremy trying George's glasses on. Scary! Seperated at birth? The legendary Mike Parker with, also legendary, Stirling Hart Jeremy enjoying a talk at the Bayeux tapestry
Hmmm... chicken...