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Detling, Military Odyssey 2006

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Our display this year was based around an American infantry training camp, with a small assault/obstacle course, that we used in order to show members of the public just some of the routines used by the US Army. There was also map/enemy weapon awareness lessons given by Staff Sgt. Batten, and grenade training with Capt. Galbraith. Many 29ers attended this year and it really went to show that with our ever growing numbers, our displays will get better and better.

Photos submitted by Dave Batten and Simon Lewis

The 29th parade for display Dave Batten The 29th training
Group photo of the 29th The 29th parade on D-day The 29th parade on D-day
The 29th parade on D-day Log training with Capt. Galbraith The 29th learn the enemy positions throughout Normandy, as taught by Sgt. Batten
Log training with Capt. Galbraith Seperated at birth?! Mike Parker of Normandy 44 with Stirling Hart of the 29th One press up too far for this lot!
Sean Stafford, Dave Batten and Andy Bateman More pictures of the display Sgt Batten tests the .30 cal machine gun
Further training with the log Picture of just some of our display - and we use all tents that are shown here Loading up into a half track, supplied by the 514th
Simon Lewis, Bob Taylor and Dave Batten in invasion gear The spoils of war Another picture of the pressup that just didn't happen
Moving towards the battlefield Capt. Galbraith loves that log training doesn't he The assault course - trying to work through this in full kit is NOT easy
Grenade training with Capt. Galbraith The assault course Bodies on the battlefield
Another picture of the battle The Escape to Victory football match which some 29ers played in - great fun Excellent picture of the 29th on the 514th display
The atomic pressup collapsing Shot of one of the supply tents The 29th on parade