Since Sep. 2003

Exbury Gardens/Lepe Beach

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On the second year of this event, we had the added excitement of using landing craft - with permission of the British Army - to land at Lepe Beach.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of the Rothschild’s estate, Exbury Gardens, the 29th took part in patrolling and skirmishes with the German groups at the event. On the Saturday, the beach assault took place with the 29th and elements of the 16th Infantry, 1st Division. We were transported to the embarkation area by GMC 6x6 trucks then loaded onto the landing craft. After circling the Solent, the craft made their final approach into the beach where they met stiff opposition and artillery from the German defence. After a steep climb up the bluffs and many casualties, the 29th secured the beachhead at Lepe and the battle was won.

In the evening there was an open-air dance with a big band, which gave the battle hardened 29ers time to relax.

The approach to the beach A closer shot of our approach on the landing craft Headed towards the beach. Clear the ramp, 30 seconds!
The 29ers peer above the ramp, ready to assault the beach The enemy awaits our arrival The ramp begins to lower...
And still the enemy is waiting Go, go, go! Off the craft and onto the beach
The German MG gunner opens up 29ers pile off the landing craft Some are taken casualty, others make it and open fire
Offloading in both directions Keep moving up the beach! Taking cover behind an obstacle
Trying to avoid enemy fire 29, let's go! The ascent up the beach continues
Some didn't make it out of the craft and had to bail over the side Others were sunk in their craft and had to deploy their life belts By the time they make it to the beach, only a few enemy remain
It is safer at the sea wall - the 29ers plan their next move Taking cover at the bottom of the bluff Cpl. Lewis has lost his helmet to the sea
Making the attack Sgt. Hart dragging one of his men up the bluff. For this action, he was awarded his ninth medal of honour. Some of the 29ers did not make it off the beach
Almost to the top now lads Plan your next move carefully and then begin climbing A snipers shot rings out so the men take cover
Plan your next move carefully and then begin climbing Another 29er that had to bail over the side of his sinking craft These two 29ers had to swim for shore
And eventually, they made it... Coming ashore Move your men off the beach!
Get moving up the beach Trying to find a way through Discussing the next move amongst the carnage of the beach
More 29ers make it ashore Take out that sniper! Cover me!
Some 29ers are pinned down Take out the sniper then move up the bluffs 29, let's go!
Pinned down Trying to cover the men coming up the beach Mick and the 514th after dropping off the men of the 29th at the embarkation point
After the battle, clearing the area Ensuring there are no mines left to pose a threat