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This year Privates Lewis and Hackley, Corporal P. Galbraith, Sergeant Batten and Captain G. Galbraith made the trip to Normandy to remember the veterans of the Normandy invasion. There were many veterans in attendance this year and we got to speak to a lot of real heroes, men who were there on June 6th 1944. There are more photos to come shortly when I receive the other members copies. Also in attendance with us as our guest was Private Eatman from Canada.

29th Infantry re-enactors from the US, UK, France and other European nations get together for a ceremony for the veterans Standing to attention at the ceremony. Marching down to the seafront
The 29th gather outside of a memorial on Omaha beach On Omaha beach itself, on the morning of June 6th Pvt. Eatman, our friend from Canada, takes a break to play some American football
Omaha beach, June 6th 2004 at 6am. The weather was perfect, much different than it was 60 years ago. An amphibious craft comes ashore the morning of D-day
Us 29ers stand on the shoreline at Omaha beach, shortly after 6am Members of the 29th come ashore. Cpl Galbraith stands at the front of the shot.
Three shots of Omaha beach put together.
This is a first wave veteran from the 29th Infantry, 116th Regiment, G Company. He fought right through to Germany before being wounded. We met him the day before d-day, and he instructed us to 'Get our feet wet'.


Photos Submitted by Staff Sgt Batten

More of the march just off Omaha beach Another march shot
We were quite popular on the morning of June 6th as we ran up the beach
Cpl. Lewis and Sgt. Batten before another march This was the march to Longueville Moving quickly through a stream
Marching proudly into the town Sgt Batten takes a well earned break More 29ers and 2nd Rangers
Sgt Batten outside of a Churchill tank on hill 112 The 29th at rest! Sgt's Batten and Galbraith relax.