Since Sep. 2003


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The Bristol event this year had a good turnout and took place on an old anti-aircraft battery site near Portishead. It was organised by the Allied and Axis Re-enactment Association.

Dave and Paul on guard duty with a British para Dave gets some sleep after a hard battle
A British rifleman on show Dave reloading Georges' Thompson magazine
An enemy sniper More of the enemy regrouping before the battle started
Capt. George Galbraith walking towards us... closely followed by 3 Germans! George firing his Thompson into the enemy held bunker
Dave and Chris with their M1's Some more British and American soldiers gather
Paul, George and Dave

Video 1: Chris firing all 8 shots from an M1 Garand (1.4mb)
Video 2: Paul and Dave fire off some more rounds (3.97mb)
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